Attractive offers draw visitors to DITF

Attractive offers draw visitors to DITF

TRIBUNAL DESK: We have had the most customers today, with throngs of visitors flocking to our stall throughout the whole day.
The Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF) teemed with visitors as it hit its second-last weekend on Friday, with virtually every stall filled to the brim with an energetic and enthusiastic crowd looking to make the most of the lucrative deals available on both local and foreign stalls.

The third Friday of this year’s DITF arguably saw the biggest crowd it has attracted as yet, with salesmen and pavilion owners claiming they have witnessed the best numbers in terms of sales in this iteration of the fair so far.

“We have had the most customers today, with throngs of visitors flocking to our stall throughout the whole day,” said Ariful Islam, a sales attendant at Home Tex.

“We have plenty of customers every day, but today has been the highest we have had yet. We are providing discounts on all our products, including bed sheets, curtains, flower vases, cushions, and decorative accessories. Bed sheets have discounts ranging from Tk30 to Tk100, while the discount on curtains is as much as Tk200.”

Another pavilion with attractive discounts was Sony, where various offers on all their products.

“Our highest discount is worth Tk70,000, on our OLED TV”, said stall manager Syed Tarikul Islam. “We are also providing discounts on other models of our television sets.”

The peak business day of the DITF saw happy customers as well.

“It feels good to spend some time here. Even though we are in the midst of this huge jostle, the whole place is teeming with lively action everywhere,” said Md Abdur Rahim Bhuiyan, while enjoying an ice cream cone with his daughters.

“Although this crowd can be a bit daunting, it is quite fun as well,” he added.

Other stalls, such as NewGen, provided up to 80% discounts on their range of electronic gadgets including power banks, while S&S Lifestyle were providing similar discounts on their collection of sweaters, watches, shoes, and handbags.

Foreign stalls also did not hold back on providing discounts to attract customers, with “buy one get one free” signs on display at many such stalls.