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Joler Ghate Lolona’ by Khan Raihan

Joler Ghate Lolona’ by Khan Raihan

Culture Desk Khan Raihan is a promising music director. He made some good music video in very short time. Recently he is making a new music video name ‘Joler Ghate Lolona’. The music video is directed by Khan Raihan, singer Mustafa Sumon. Sojol and Momo worked as model in this music video. Both are new


Badhan in a new look

Culture Desk Azmeri Haque Badhan became the second runner up in the Lux Channel I Superstar competition in 2006.From then she is apopula both in modeling and acting. Recently she started work again after a bit interval and fans will be surprised to see their favorite actress’s new look. They have never seen Look’s favorite


‘Moner Majhe’ in this valentine

Culture Desk ‘Moner Majhe’ a new music video is coming in this valentine. The music video released in the YouTube channel ‘Antar world’. ‘Moner Majhe’ is directed by Shahin Mix, tune and lyrics by Arifur Rahaman, music and composition Hasan Mahmud Ontu. Arifur Rahaman and Dia Moni cast in the music video. The music video