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Thalassaemia in Bangladesh: Prevention strategy

Thalassaemia in Bangladesh: Prevention strategy

Thalassaemia is the most common congenital disorder in Bangladesh. It is estimated that nearly 14,000 thalassaemic children are born every year here. Treatment facilities are limited due to the high cost of medicine and limited availability of blood for transfusion. Furthermore, medicines are not available readily other than in specialised thalassaemic centres in Dhaka and

Tackling cancer

According to a study by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), 122,000 people are affected by cancer every year in Bangladesh. A large number of people are deprived of proper medication and treatment because these are expensive. In rural areas, the problem is more acute. Experts believe if cancer can be detected at


UN needs to evolve as it moves along

Since it was founded in 1945, the United Nations has brought together all nations irrespective of their cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds. Over the past 75 years, the member states of the UN have strived to maintain its international structure, contribute to its general budget and defend its body. As people try to write off


‘Palki’ Crossed 700 episodes

Culture Desk The serial ‘Palki’ is broadcast every Saturday to Thursday, six days a week at 6pm at Deepto TV. The serial crosses 700 episodes already. Mega Serial ‘Palki’ with the story of an ordinary girl becoming extraordinary derected by Mostafa Mannan. Tania Brishty, Rani Ahad, Imtu Ratish, Naushin, Zuna Chowdhury, Nuna Afroz, Mohammad Bari,