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Govt preparing to launch 5G service: Jabbar

Govt preparing to launch 5G service: Jabbar

Post, Telecommunication and ICT Minister Mustafa Jabbar today said the government is taking necessary preparation to launch 5G service in the country. “Government has taken different initiatives to take the ICT sector forward. All the unions and former enclaves across the country will be brought under internet connectivity within this year. Now the biggest challenge


178 Bawalis rescued after gunfight in Sundarbans

Bangladesh Coast Guard members rescued 178 Bawalis (wood collectors) who were held hostage by forest robbers after a gunfight with the bandits in Tepar Bharani canal of the Sundarbans under Dakope upazila of Khulna district on Monday. Tipped off that a gang of robbers belonging to famous ‘Mosharraf Bahini’ held a number of Bawalis hostage


Bengaluru, India: a local’s top 10 tips

Think Bengaluru, and you think IT hub, call centres, silicon capital of India. It’s all of those things, but it’s also a very livable city. Over the past decade, it has attracted India’s sparkiest minds to code, brainstorm and play in its pulsing startup tech scene. This fast-growing and young population has added a big


Oil to solar: Saudis push to be renewable energy powerhouse

 Saudi engineers whip up a simulated sandstorm to test a solar panel’s durability at a research lab, the heart of the oil-rich kingdom’s multibillion dollar quest to be a renewable energy powerhouse. The world’s top exporter of crude seems an unlikely champion of clean energy, but the government lab in Al Uyayna, a sun-drenched village