ACI launches NPKS fertilizer ‘Ratno’


Business Desk

ACI Fertilizer has recently launched NPKS (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and Sulphur) fertilizer named ‘Ratno’. This will help healthy plants growth providing the plants with the four essential nutrients, company sources claim. Managing Director and CEO of ACI Agribusiness Dr. F.H. Ansarey launched the product while Business Director of ACI Fertilizer Bashir Ahmed, Sales Manager Md Mustafizur Rahman Khan and Firoz Hossain and Assistant Marketing Manager Yusuf Alam were present in the ceremony, said a press statement of the company. The company also stated that with this product ACI has emerged to address the basic fertilizer market. In fact the market of NPKS fertilizer is also very promising with a market size 50,000 Metric Ton per year. ‘Ratno’ is launched in two categories. The first category is for rice where N:P:K:S is 8:20:14:5 and the second category is for Vegetable and fruits where N:P:K:S is 12:15:20:6. As the market is becoming more competitive, farmers always try to get a solution that will ensure highest yield with cost minimization. As ‘Ratno’ is a balanced fertilizer it ensures proper nutrient for the soil. The newly product of ACI Fertilizer will ensure proper nutrient to the soil and as it is a mix of NPKS, it will give all the nutrients at a time to the soil, they urged. There is a bad perception in the market about NPKS fertilizer due to low quality products available in the market. Ratno fertilizer quality of the product will play a key role in the business of this product. However, ‘Ratno’ fertilizer use combined with the timely transfer of appropriate technology is essential to sustaining and increasing yields.