All achievement of my life laid in ‘Khodaban’ song: Romo Romeo


Culture Desk

Romo Romeo is pursuits are of music, guitar, poetry, spirituality, philosophy and nature.

He played guitar for the first time in 2003. He said, “I played guitar on ‘Tujhe Tekha to ye jana Sanam’ with friends for whole day”. “I sang dissonantly with friends and played cord wrongly at beginning of my career, but at present I have created ‘Khodaban’ song researching on previous dissonant song and disordered guitar cord” he added.

He said that Khodaban is the extract of all the knowledge he gathered. He practiced language for this song and from there he used new words in the lyrics of ‘Khodaban’ song. Besides, he created raag called ‘Mimbaro’. He has been practicing raag from long time He used ‘Mimbaro raag’ to write and compose khodaban song. Song of ‘Khodaban’, tune and composition came from the ‘Mimbaro’ rag.

Romeo said, “All of my achievement of life mixed in ‘Khodaban’ song”.

He has written rhymes, poetry, short stories in childhood but now he is writing about materialism, humanism and rationalism for example lyrics of ‘Khodaban’ song.

Philologist like Sheikh Saadi, Socrates and Emerson showed him the path of philosophy. Prominent guitarists Steve Vai, John Peter Petrucci, Andy Timmons and Redwan Chaudhury were inspiration for him to make tune and note.

He likes to pass his leisure watching funny videos on youtube, reading and writing, besides he loves nature.

Song of ‘Khodaban’ has sung by Ab-E-Zannat and published on 24th March.