Always got the energy for smiles: Walliuddin


Culture Desk

Walliuddin Ahmed Chowdhury is Bangladeshi choreographer and designer. He worked with Red and Black Theme in this collection. Where he used Pure Dupiyan Silk, which is authentic Bangladeshi fabric.
He said that I would like to thank for inviting me in Asian Designer Week. I am really happy to get the chance. My theme was red and black because Red is a color of energy and power but on the other side, red is a color of passion and danger. If you think about it most of the images that represent passionate love are red; red roses, red lipstick, red heard boxes of candy of valentine even the ‘red light district’. Black the black color is the absence of color. The color black represents strength, seriousness, power and authority. Black is a formal, elegant and prestigious color. The meaning of the color black is mystery and protection.
I have participated many international event and fashion show before and happy to perform in Asian Designer week. The program venue was garden of five scenes Delhi.