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We should think about University Admission System

We should think about University Admission System

A S M Sazzad Hossain, Banker The number of universities is increasing, so is the number of applicants. Applicants and their guardians have to travel from Teknaf to Tetulia, allegorically speaking, for seeking and ensuring admissions into public universities. Though public universities now take admissions on their own, there is no denying the fact that

New Urban Agenda: Bangladesh Perspective

Mohammed Norul Alam Raju The New Urban Agenda will be the outcome document agreed upon at the Habitat III cities conference in October 2016 in Quito of Ecuador. In turn, it will guide the efforts around urbanisation of a wide range of actors – nation states, city and regional leaders, international development financiers, United Nations

Overcoming Poverty: The Progress

Dr. Kazi S.M. Khasrul Alam Quddusi World Bank has very recently lauded Bangladesh’s achievement in reducing poverty, especially extreme poverty which hurt the country since its inception and before. In its “Bangladesh Development Update”, released recently at a press conference in Dhaka, the Bank has also come up with the observation that Bangladesh has done

Is smartphone making us unsmart?

Md Mustakimur Rahman Without any doubt, smartphones have totally changed the method of communication. These phones come with multifunctional tools with several numbers of applications which bring uncountable benefit to us. Literally, it has become a part of our daily life and it is very difficult to live without this device now a day. It

Donald Trump and tax returns

M. Serajul Islam That Donald Trump had something serious to hide with his tax returns was obvious from the time he announced his intention to become a presidential candidate. The issue has haunted him ever since. He took shelter under excuses that did not stand to reason. At first, he said his tax returns were

0f Criminals and Corruption

“If situation demands I will throw another 5000 corrupt persons from helicopter in the sea” stated Rodrigue Duterte, the President of Philippines. Thisis in continuation of his earlier dynamic actions initiated against the drug traffickers and the drug addicts. Some 5000 drug addicts & the cohorts have been gun down by the law – enforcing

Education In Disarray

A human baby is born neither as devil nor as an angel at birth. He or she is made man with the passage of time through learningin the family atmosphereor at school. Manners, etiquette, courtesy & behavior etc. are taught in the family circle by the elders, parents . Thus education starts at home ,

Save the surplus for bad days

Ours is a land of potentials with immense possibilities. It has so many attractions as well due to diversified culture & rich heritage with long history. Since time immemorial people from different blood, color, creed & culture of various origin visited this land on account of trade and commerce,tourism or got settled being attracted by

Bid You Adieu 2016

With the setting sun today in the western horizon according to the Gregorian Calendar the year 2016 will be lost in ocean of time. History may repeat but the time will never come back again, it can never be rewind. The system introducing the Gregorian calendar has been started since 1582 in western countries of

Of Mouse and Louse

Louse is one of the members of the insect family, leaves in moisterous but warm place. It loves to live with the living beings to keep itself warm & comfortable. It has no ears to hear, no eyes to see but its favorite place for living is the human head preferably in the women’s dark