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Kashmiri homes become collateral damage in gun battles

Kashmiri homes become collateral damage in gun battles

Kashmiri homes become collateral damage in gun battles

Desk Report: As he walks through the ruins of his home, Abdul Ahad Bhat keeps returning to his cow. He sidesteps the rubble of the fallen ceiling, points at the burned out frames of the windows, and feels with his fingers the bullet holes on the walls, but it is the image of his dead


Cake festival in Rangpur calls for nurturing Bengali cultural heritages

Rangpur Correspondent: A ‘Pitha Utsab cake festival ended on RCCI School and College premises on Monday with a call for nurturing and preserving rich Bengali cultural heritages. The students of RCCI School and College established and run by Rangpur Chamber of Commerce and Industry RCCI organized the festival with a view to introducing urban people

Rohingya children at risk during cyclone, monsoon Unicef

Rohingya children at risk during cyclone, monsoon: Unicef

Desk Report: The health and safety of more than 520,000 Rohingya children living in overcrowded camps and informal settlements in the district face possible greater risk in the upcoming cyclone and monsoon seasons, Unicef warned on Tuesday. “As we get closer to the cyclone and monsoon seasons, what is already a dire humanitarian situation risks


World’s Longest Wedding Dress

Tribunal Desk A Guinness World Record has been set in France for the world’s longest wedding dress train, measuring over 8,095 metres long. Construction company Dynamic Projects, with the help of 15 volunteers, spent two months stitching individual pieces of the train before sewing them all together to form a whole. The team also incorporated

Barn owl

Man charged with killing 160 owls

Tribunal Desk Adam SmithSaturday 16 Dec 2017 2:47 pm Share this article with Facebook Share this article with Twitter Share this article with Google Plus Share this article through email 55 Frederick Corder is accused of killing upto 160 owls (Picture: Getty) A bird hunter has been accused of killing 160 owls and hawks over


The Bird with the killer blue beak

Tribunal Desk The helmet vanga (Euryceros prevostii) is the most unique of birds – its bright blue beak setting it apart from the rest. Vanga’s are only found in the wet, eastern forests of Madagascar. There are around 20 species of the bird on the island, all descended from the same ancestor species. No one


British Antarctic Territory

Tribunal Desk It was thought until this point that Mount Jackson was the tallest mountain in the British Antarctic Territory at 3,184m (10,444ft) above sea level. However, new satellite data by British Antarctic Survey (BAS) shows Mount Hope is the tallest mountain, at 3,239m (10,654ft). The new data reveals Mount Hope as being 55m taller