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Myanmar parliament elects Suu Kyi loyalist as new president

Myanmar parliament elects Suu Kyi loyalist as new president

Myanmar’s parliament on Wednesday elected Win Myint, a loyalist of Aung San Suu Kyi, as new president, while she retained her executive authority over the government. The vote comes as Suu Kyi’s civilian government has struggled to implement peace and national reconciliation, with the powerful military still embroiled in combat with ethnic rebels and under

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US expels 60 Russians as allies back Britain in spy row

The United States and Britain’s allies around the world have expelled scores of suspected Russian spies in an unprecedented response to a nerve agent attack. At least 116 alleged agents working under diplomatic cover were ordered out by 22 governments, dwarfing similar measures in even the most notorious Cold War spying disputes, and marking a


Obama: North Korea’s isolation means less leverage in talks

Former President Barack Obama said Sunday that negotiations with North Korea on its nuclear weapons program are difficult, partly because the country’s isolation minimizes possible leverage, such as trade and travel sanctions against Pyongyang. “North Korea is an example of a country that is so far out of the international norms and so disconnected with

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Trump order would ban most transgender troops from serving

Int’l Desk President Donald Trump released an order Friday night banning most transgender troops from serving in the military except under “limited circumstances,” following up on his calls last year to ban transgender individuals from serving. The White House said retaining troops with a history or diagnosis of “gender dysphoria” — those who may require