Letters to the Editor articles

Improving healthcare services

A number of people have recently protested the fact that high-ranking public officials often go abroad for their treatment, instead of going to local hospitals. Many medical colleges and hospitals have been established across the country over the years, but our public officials seem not to trust them. How can they then expect others to

Digital divide in the name of 4G

A few days ago, Bangladesh’s five mobile operators launched 4th generation (4G) network technology which was followed by flashy advertisements. However, we are now hearing that it will take three more years to make 4G coverage fully available across the country. For the time being, the technology will be limited to Dhaka and some other

In pursuit of a clean Dhaka

I live in Banasree. The area has a lake, but unfortunately, it is filled with filthy substances. The lake is dying due to the reckless dumping of garbage. The water in it has turned murky and black and has turned into a breeding ground for mosquitoes. If the local residents took care of the lake

Plant trees to save nature

On the two sides of Lakshmipur-Chandpur highway, there are thousands of large trees. At least, 700 of the trees are a hundred-years-old. However, as the road is to be widened, the trees are to be felled. At the time I’m writing this letter, already 500 trees have been cut down, and within the next two

Save the tigers

In the Sundarban, the sight of a tiger is very rare these days. The number of the world-famous tigers of the Sundarban is declining at a fast rate. According to the tiger census report, there were only 106 tigers in Bangladesh’s part of the Sundarban in 2015. Bangladesh’s share of the Sundarban is larger than

Holocaust in Myanmar?

It would be wrong to simply use the term “ethnic cleansing” when referring to the atrocities that Myanmar’s security forces and Buddhist extremists have carried out against the Rohingya people. It should, in fact, be termed a holocaust. Every sensible individual would condemn the holocaust that Hitler had carried out against the Jewish people. Every

Leadership in business

When it comes to success in business, most people think of business strategy. And yes, strategy is indeed an important aspect of it. However, leadership skill is what makes the real difference at the end of the day. Good leadership in business is all about mentoring, guiding, coaching and leading work teams. Good leaders give

Quota disparity in job services

Bangladesh is a densely populated country and unemployment is a huge problem. The government is one of the largest job providers in the country, but its existing recruitment process is responsible for exacerbating the unemployment problems. In BCS exams, for example, 56 percent of posts are reserved for the candidates with quota privilege, who account