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Mexico registers first baby with maternal last names

Mexico registers first baby with maternal last names

The first baby in Mexico to be officially named with the maternal surnames of both parents has been registered in the northern state of Nuevo Leon. The tradition in Latin America is to give babies two last names — the father’s surname, followed by the mother’s paternal surname. So baby Barbara born to Jose Gonzalez


Tips for winter workout

A winter plan to ensure that people can fight the bulge. Here are a few tips to fight the winter: 1. Start your day with coffee 2. Do few exercises to prepare for a workout like bridge, knee hugs, supine spinal twists, forward and side sway and neck and shoulder roll. 3. If you do


BD Cyclists make world record

1200 members of popular cycling group on social media site Facebook titled ‘BDCyclists’ reached the Guinness Book of World Records on Friday for the longest single formation of cyclists in a rally titled ‘Bijoy Ride.’ The rally took place near International Convention City Bashundhara (ICCB) at 300 Feet Road on Friday morning, where 1200 shortlisted


Get soft skin in winter

Dania Manal With the promise of steaming cups of tea on foggy mornings, pearly dews collecting on grass and of leaves turning yellow and descending gently on the earth, winter has arrived with its own brand of beauty. Thanks to global warming, extreme weather conditions can lead to an abrupt drop in temperature adversely stripping