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Robotic arms maker eyes Bangladesh

Robotic arms maker eyes Bangladesh

(UNB) – Universal Robots, the leading manufacturers of advanced, light weight collaborative robotic arms, will expand their operations in Bangladesh, after successfully having set up their operations in India and Sri Lanka. The Universal Robots General Manager for South Asia operation, Pradeep David expressed the company’s interest to Bangladesh market at launching programme of Universal


Self-taught rocket scientist

Tribunal Desk Mike Hughes, who calls himself Mad Mike Hughes and says he doesn’t believe in science, has spent years building his own steam-powered rocket in his garage. The 61-year-old saved money from his $15-an-hour driving job and has spent $20,000 (£15,000) on the project, including the purchase of a $1,500 motorhome bought on Craigslist


iPhone-8 launched in Bangladesh

Tribunal Desk iPhone-8, the latest version of mobile phone set of giant Apple brand, was formally launched today here for Bangladesh market with a call for buying the set from authorised sellers to evade from having fake or refurbish sets. Compustar PVT Limited (CPL), the authorised distributor of iPhone in Bangladesh, launched the new iPhone

Strange Buildings of the World

Dancing House, Czech Republic:Designed by architect Vlado Miluni, this weirdly crooked building was originally named Fred and Ginger after two famous dancers. The site previously had a house of historic significance that was destroyed during the bombing in Prague.National Centre for the Performing Arts, China: Shaped like a semi-spherical hub, the entire dome is covered


Expert for using climate fund for power generation through geothermal technology

An expert today claimed that Bangladesh can generate thousands megawatts of electricity using geothermal technology without burning conventional energy in power plants. Addressing a press conference at National Press Club in the city, Member of International Geothermal Association (IGA), Mosarof Hossain Montu made this claim and demanded investing climate change funds of the United Nations