Change Is You: Leaving Decisive Footmarks


How do you react when you see a fellow female passenger being deliberately touched by the bus conductor or another male passenger in ways that are inappropriate? Is it common for you to look at a bride in her long cherished blood red sari and then spoil all her mood by randomly passing a comment like- “Well how much could you possibly have spent in the beauty parlor to hide all that acne?” while taking selfies with her for social network?

Does every bearded men in Panjabi or Kurta you pass in the streets render an unknown terror in you by default? Do you think that classmate of yours is there, just so you can make fun of his parents’ naming him ‘Abul’?Or do you, perhaps, ever stop feeling what you always keep feeling; and look again, at the same thing, at the same person, but try to see something new this time? You think you know the answer to all the ‘what’, but what about all the ‘why’? Because when you finally decide to not stop at the ‘what’s anymore, and grow a hunger to pursue deeper into the causes. It might still seem quite vague, what it really means to adapt a change, to let it absorb within cognition. And the purpose of such somatic alteration, as well. And for that case, “Change Is You” is there for you to help comprehend the whole idea!