‘Dhaka Attack’ team goes abroad


Culture Desk

‘Dhaka Attack’ sets a new benchmark of success abroad as well, after the movie became a hit at home. The movie is running successfully in 15 theatres in the UAE, Singapore, Canada and several states of the United States. The much talked about movie among Bengalis, will also be released in Europe and on 8 November. The movie will be seen in theatres of France, Italy and Switzerland.
To encourage Bengali audiences living abroad, a team of nine members, including the actress and the director, has been travelling on a promotional tour. They started off with Oman, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai on 3 November. Before leaving, the director of the film, Diponkor Dipon said to Prothom Alo, “After success in the UAE and USA, the movie is attracting cinema lovers in Europe as well. We’ll travel one by one to various countries and our goal is to bring all Bengalis around the world closer through Bengali cinema and to expand Bengali movie business internationally.” The lead actor of the movie, Arifin Shuvo, had earlier travelled to a few states in the USA for a promotional tour of the movie “Chuye Dile Mon”. The team of Dhaka Attack is bigger and better this time, which is a positive change in Bengali Cinema. Arifin Shuvo says, “The movie is a storming success in many countries and its a sign that the Bengali movie industry is finally changing. We’ll promote the movie in all countries and connect with the audience. I’m hoping our presence will excite them. Such promotions can increase the acceptance of Bengali cinema round the world.” Dhaka attack was released on 6 October and since then, has been running successfully in theaters and has created much hype all over the country.