e-Commerce business in Bangladesh is growing gigantically : Md. Abdul Wahed Tomal

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Morium Aktar Rimu

No doubt, e-Commerce is a fast growing sector in the upcoming years, more and more people will be opting in e-Commerce. A policy guideline should help this sector to prosper. Ministry of ICT Division has directed the e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB) to prepare a draft. Once ready the draft will be shared and discussed with the all stakeholders before turning it into a final policy guideline said Md. Abdul Wahed Tomal, General Secretary of e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB).

He also one of the founder member of e-CAB besides CEO of Comjagat Technologies, a partisan of Computer Jagat, the first and highest circulated ICT magazine in Bangladesh. Comjagat Technologies reached 27 in this year.

Bangladesh was almost in the darkest in e-Commerce business. The peoples even never imagine for e-Commerce. Electronic Commerce, commonly known as e-Commerce which consists of the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the internet and other computer networks.

There are many types of e-Commerce: Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C), Business to Government (B2G), Consumer to Consumer (C2C), Business to Employee (B2E) he added.

Example of Different types of e-Commerce: Business to Business (B2B) Sindabad.com, Business to Consumer (B2C) Ajkerdeal, Bagdoom, Daraz, etc, Business to Government (B2G) Government e-shop policy in Bangladesh. Like Consumer to Consumer (C2C) Bikroy.com, clickbd.com, Business to Employee (B2E) Bdjobs, Jobs A1 and chakri.com.

In 1999 e-Commerce started their journey but remain unknown, this sector finally developed after 2013 in Bangladesh. In January 2013, for developing e-Commerce, we organized a fair at Public Library with 40 companies participate though e-commerce company was rare at that moment.

In 2014, e-CAB started their journey with 50 members. Now Registered e-cab companies are almost 750 plus. Most of the People do not know about e-Commerce till now. The association has been established to ensure the growth of e-Commerce sector in Bangladesh. Currently e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB) has 750 e-commerce entrepreneurs in the country who are running their business though websites and 15000 entrepreneurs of f-commerce who run their business with Facebook pages. Day by day e-Commerce business in Bangladesh is growing gigantically.

7th April is observed as e-Commerce Day and 7th – 13th April observed as e-Commerce week in every year. This year Slogan of e-CAB was “Business to E-Business”.

e-Commerce has huge future. Bangladesh has 70 lakh registered business company at present. We think this 70 lakh business will turn into e-business today or tomorrow. Otherwise traditional business will lag behind e-business.

In this sector, there are many obstacles like delivery, policy, awareness, payment i, cross border e-commerce issue etc. Delivery of products and services is by far the biggest challenge for e-Commerce organizations. Though the country has a vibrant local parcel service sector, distribution of costly items in urban and pan-urban areas in single pieces is all but non-existent in an economic form. It is expected that e-CAB will play an effective role for e-Commerce sector in Bangladesh.

“Recently a contract has been signed between e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB) and Bangladesh Post Office (BPO) to deliver e-Commerce products.” he added.

Finally he said that Bangladesh government can play vital role in this sector. We hope every ministry will come under this sector and we want all types of Government service should come under e-commerce. Government need to take initial step for spreading e-business instead of traditional business. We think Infrastructure development issue and low cost of Internet are most important for flourishing e-Commerce in Bangladesh.