Emon and Badhon pair again


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Emon and Badhon both of them is popular star and they are friend. They worked with the latest one in 2015. After a long time they are working together in two single drama. The play ‘Niruddesh Bhalobasa’ and ‘Advut Mayajaal’ has written by Syed Ikbal and directed by Kazi Saif Ahmed. Badhon was busy for personal life. She said “I stood in front of the camera three months later for my family problem but now worked regular. The story of two plays is very good. I worked with Imon and he is my good friend. We know each other well and understanding is very good. Emon said, ‘After a long time I worked her in two plays. We got the pair together for the story. These are nice work two. Hopefully the viewers will enjoy watching the drama. He also said, if the story is not preferred then I don’t like to work in drama. ‘Niruddesh Bhalobasa’ and ‘Advut Mayajaal’ based on different story. At the end of the drama there is a different look. Badhon said, I do not work if I do not like my characters and stories. From that point of view, Niruddesh Bhalobasa’ and ‘Advut Mayajaal’ is different and my character is remarkable. I enjoyed doing this. Beside them Ruhie, Pirjada, Luna Khan, and more has starred in the drama. Shooting location of two plays in Uttara’s Apon Ghor shooting house and in different locations of Dhaka