Here are Nasa’s plans to save us all from a deadly asteroid strike

Asteroid entering blue`s planet atmosphere

Tribunal Desk

Oliver Wheaton for 5 Nov 2017 11:14 am Share this article with Facebook Share this article with Twitter Share this article with Google Plus Share this article through email 77 Let’s try to avoid this (Picture: Getty) If you haven’t got enough to worry about, try remembering that at any moment an asteroid could crash into the Earth, killing us all. Or maybe not, if Nasa has anything to do with it. Woman arrested for drink driving a horse The space agency has revealed four methods it could potentially use to save the planet from a fiery end should a large asteroid come crashing through the atmosphere. Unfortunately Nasa say they will have to spot a NEO (near-earth object) decades before it hits Earth to be able to do anything about it, but they still have some some plans… 1. Use a gravity tractor This is one plan that really would require knowledge of the asteroid years before it hits earth. Nasa say if they spotted an object far enough in advance they could potentially create a space craft that would fly alongside the rock and slowly pull it onto a different course, preferably one that doesn’t collide with Earth. 2. Just sort of, push it away It sounds simple, but it could work. Nasa say they could fly a space craft into an asteroid with such force that it would change its course. this is called a ‘kinetic impactor’. Nasa are even launching a test mission to see if this is feasible in the near future. MORE: ‘Serial sex attacker’ wanted after two women dragged into bushes hours apart 3. Destroy it with a laser We know, it sounds like something out of Star Wars. But seriously, Nasa say they could one day use incredibly powerful lasers to turns the solid asteroid into a gas in a technique called ‘laser ablation’. 4. Nuke it If all else fails, simply throw the most destructive thing the human race has ever created at it. One suggested solution to a deadly asteroid heading for us to it add nuclear warheads to Nasa’s rockets and fly them straight into it, detonating the bombs on impact. While it probably wouldn’t destroy the asteroid the force of the explosion could knock it off course, saving the human race.