I want people always remembered me for my work : Joy


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Joy Chowdhury is one of the promising young heroes come to the film industry by the hand of Monowar Hossain Dipjol. Recently he talked with the daily tribunal and sheared some lighter moment. The number of my films released is seven. After the release of every film, people who love me are increasingly grateful to you all. My released movies are ‘AK Jaban’ directed by F.I Manik, ‘Valobasle Dosh Ki Tate’ directed by Khokan Rezvi, ‘Azab Prem ‘and ‘Hitman’directed by Wajed Ali Suman, ‘Chini Bibi’ directed by r Nazrul Islam Babu, ‘Khoniker Valobasa’ directed by Abul Kasem Mandal and Antor Jala directed by Malek Afsari. Besides coming soon ‘Obastob Valobasa’,Valobasi Koto Bojabo Kemone and Kaktarua. He also contract three joint venture films ‘Hello’, ‘Dost Dusmon’ and ‘Zero Point’he added.


However he said ‘I want to do some good work as like my last movie ‘Antor Jala’ where I get huge responds from the audience. I want people always remembered me for my work’. He said that film industry is in crisis now over all though Bangladesh government announced to make fifty digital movie theater but unimplemented still now. If our government takes proper steps we will recover this problem. In his leisure time he likes to watch movie in cinema hall and his own home theater. In future he wants to make an old care center.