Kylie Jenner: Her Reaction Revealed


Entertainment Desk

Earlier this week, Star claimed that Kris Jenner made a contract with Travis Scott to keep him by Kylie Jenner‘s side after giving birth to Stormi Webster. But we’re now hearing what the lip-kit mogul really thinks about the wild report. “Kylie thought the money report was just ludicrous and hilarious.

“First, there’s no way that Kris would ever do something like that, and second, she knows only too well how much Travis loves her and wants to be with her, and Stormi. Sometimes these kind of things really get to her, but this particular story is so off base that it’s just funny.”

A source told the magazine that the momager “doesn’t trust Travis to be there for Kylie — not without a cash incentive, anyway.” The insider then made claims that Kris drafted a “contract” that consisted of strict rules he’d have to follow. The source even went as far as to claim that the $1.4 million Ferrari Kylie received as a push present was actually purchased by her family. What?! No wonder the cosmetics connoisseur thinks the report is ridiculous. It’s also weird that the insider thinks Kris doesn’t trust the “Butterfly Effect” singer because she actually gushed about his parenting skills at the grand opening of Nassif MD Medical Spa in Beverly Hills, according to Us Weekly.

“He’s so great,” Kris told reporters. “He’s really, really great, really attentive, and couldn’t be cuter with Kylie.” How sweet! The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was also quizzed on whether or not Travis has diaper changing down yet, but it turns out she’s not sure! “You know what, I haven’t really seen him change a diaper, but I’m never there at diaper time,” Kris replied.