Make cute little gifts for mom!


Only when everyone understands and appreciates femininity, the true purpose of International Women’s Day which is on 8th of March can be served. Therefore, it is essential for kids as well to understand the importance of womanhood because a woman plays many roles. Among them, there is a role above all – mother.

Now, what can kids do to show their appreciation and celebrate Women’s Day with their mothers? Well, there are a whole lot of options. The first and foremost could be making some cute, little DIY (Do It Yourself) gifts. Who doesn’t love gifts? Moreover, if it comes from a little child, it carries love in its purest form. So, there are many things for the kids to make for their mothers to help them realize how much the kids appreciate their mothers embracing their womanhood. Such as love-filled flowers. These heart shaped petals made of paper make these bloom full of love for moms!

Then, kids can go for recycled flower crafts! Make these cool flowers from magazine pages that will never wilt for dearest mothers. Then, there are doily lace votives to make. Paper doilies make plain votive candle holders perfectly feminine for moms! There can be no alternative for Heart Cookie Box. This decorated cookie box is even sweeter than the sweets you can put inside. Kids can create designs using contact-paper cutouts and paint.

To think outside of the frame, baby photo blocks can be a great choice. However, kids will have to take help from another adult to help them make this cool photo craft for their mothers. Women’s Day paperweights can be another essential yet cutest little gifts! Use fabric scraps to cover a stone. Moms will love to display them on their desks as paperweights.

Now, for a classic gift, heart-stitched cards are unmatched. Moms are sure to cherish this lovely handmade greeting card this Women’s Day! If you want to go for a simpler option, Beautiful bouquets are always there. Kids will love using bubble wrap to print their own wrapping paper! It’s perfect for a flower bouquet or to wrap a gift box.

For another beautiful gift, kids can go for X and O placemats. Kids will love serving mom breakfast on hand-crafted placemats. On the other hand, making some adorable jewelry for mom can never be enough. They can use string buttons, felt, and paper flowers onto yarn and chenille stems to make sweet necklaces and rings for their mothers.

Another creative masterpiece could be hearts and crafts wrapping paper. Turn plain tissue paper into a work of art by decorating it with two thumbprints joined together to form a heart. These gifts are not only fun to make but also perfect for making mother’s heart melt.