Meet Harmony: Could a ‘sexbot’ reboot your unhappy relationship?


Tribunal Desk

‘Corn starch.’ I’ve got a soft, pliant buttock in each hand when the Abyss Creations PR director, Daivin, walks in and makes this unlikely pronouncement. ‘The skin…’ she explains. ‘We rub corn starch on it to make it that soft. Incredible, right? Feel the breasts.’ With her vacant eyes and expectant, semi-parted lips, ‘Tanya – Body Type F’ doesn’t look like the kind of girl who’s going to make a fuss, so I slide a hand beneath her white tank top and do as I’m told. They are soft: goose-down pillow, kitten fur, feather, velvet and rose-petal soft. And they take me to a place that’s wholesome and good: a place that feels like home.