Miraculous “Fultali waterfall” attracts people to visit


Shah Mansur Ali Noman, Nabiganj(Habiganj)

There flows a waterfall at Fultali under Gajnaipur union of Nabiganj upazila that everyday attracts people, travelers and tourists for its own miraculous beauty and display that people never have seen in the globe. Locals said, it is so ancient and historic that fathers, fore fathers and grand grandfathers could guess the scene while they were alive. Once people belong to any cast, creed, belief and religion used to come to the fountain to have pure water as it was at that time the only source of pure water that used to satisfy the thirst to the thirsty people.
There had a proverb that if anyone on those days came to the side of the fountain and washed the plates, glasses and other cookeries, he or she would find the amount of the cookeries as much as he or she needed to have. However, the joyful days didn’t elongate more while a house made out of her luster had stolen a golden pot and kept it to her possession. After this incidence, the miraculous incidence disappeared for ever. This mythical tale still attracts the people to visit the place. At present though there is no sign of miraculous act there, still people in groups every day come and stay for long to recall the historic and mythical memory.
Local resident Nabiganj AL president and Gaznaipur UP council Chairman Emdadur Rahman Mukul told he had also heard the tale from his senior relatives but it has no written basis that people could follow.