Mithun Jabbar a new generation of hope


Culture Desk

The legendary national voice artist of Bangla song and freedom fighter Mohammad Abdul Jabbar passed away a few months ago but his immortal creation, the famous song, is still alive. His songs which were enchanted the people of our country and to participate in the liberation war. His death is irreparable damage for us and Bengal nation has lost the priceless one voice wizard. Mithun is the son of this great singer. Like his father, his song overwhelms the people. He is the light of hope for new generation. He chose the path shown by his father and like the father of late Abdul Jabbar, he wanted to dedicate himself for the country. How did you like to sing his songs with respect to his father? Replying to this question, he said, Abdul Jabbar is a great artist of Bengali music. I am his child; it is a matter of pride for me. It was a great achievement for me that I sung with him in same stage. In his childhood, he started to learn singing to father Abdul Jabbar and after that Ustad Fazlul Huq of Bulbul Lalitkala academy. He said I want playback and want to give some good work. He said about his future plans, my birth in music a family and wants to continue with music. I want to take Bengali culture and Bangla songs as my father and go a long way.