Mosharraf Karim and Tareen in Shamim Zaman’s ‘Career’


Culture Desk

After a hiatus of more than four years, Mosharraf Karim and Tareen—two very popular actors of the country’s showbiz—have acted together once again under the direction of actor-director Shamim Zaman. The duo will appear in the tele-drama titled ‘Career’ scripted by Fazlul Selim. Though Mosharraf and Tareen acted together in different projects of other directors in the meantime, they worked with Shamim Zaman in his tele-drama ‘Bhondo Premik’ for the last time four years ago. DhakaLive has news that the shooting of ‘Career’ completed yesterday. Mosharraf Karim and Tareen have portrayed the role of husband and wife in the tele-drama, while child artist Shabdo has played as their son. Mosharraf Karim said, “If an artiste wants to act with care and passion, he or she needs a suitable environment for that to do so. I always find the desirable environment in my friend Shamim Zaman’s projects. Likewise, I found the expected ambience while working in the drama ‘Career’”. “Tareen is a talented artiste, whom I like a lot. Tareen always try to act with immense care and passion, what makes her unique from others”, Mosharraf Karim said about his co-artiste Tareen. Tareen said, “Joint family plays a vital role for the psychological development of the children in the family. The contribution of husband and wife is not enough to raise the children. The theme of the drama ‘Career’ is similar to this and also timely. As a co-artist and audience, I really enjoy Mosharraf Karim’s acting. It is our duty to ensure a suitable environment for Mosharraf Karim to keep him well. Directors and dramatists should really think about the talented artistes like him.” The tele-drama ‘Career’ will be aired on a satellite TV channel during the Eid-ul-Fitr next year. To note, a drama serial titled ‘Lamppost’, starring Mosharraf Karim and Tareen in the lead role, is now being aired on Banglavsion regularly.