Nilanjona waiting to reveal Nishi in ‘Gohin Baluchor’


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Young model-turned-actress Lux superstar Nilanjona Nila is going to make her big screen debut with the film ‘Gohin Baluchor’ directed by Badrul Anam Soud. The film is set to hit cinemas across the country on December 28. Nila has earned appreciation for her appearance in several small screen projects earlier. But now the viewers are waiting to see her performance on the silver screen. DhakaLive has news that because of this film’s release, the actress Nilanjona Nila is not working in any other projects for a year and this is a huge sacrifice for an artiste. Though Nila entered into the acting industry not a very long time ago, she has really acted skilfully in Badrul Anam Soud’s directorial debut ‘Gohin Baluchor’ and executed her character Nishi beautifully. Nila said, “Time goes very slowly as the waiting period for the film’s release is not coming to an end. The biggest achievement for me is to work alongside with eminent actress Suborna Mostafa in ‘Gohin Baluchor’. This is my maiden film and I am blessed to work alongside with the celebrated person like her. I am grateful to Badrul Anam Soud for helping me to merge myself with the character Nishi so amazingly. Alongside working here, I have really learned the meaning of acting, which, I believe, will help me in my acting career in the future. The entire unit helped me a lot. Now, all I am waiting is to see myself on the silver screen.” Recently, her stunning presence in the film’s song ‘Tarey dekhi ami roddurey, dekhi alo chayatey’ released in YouTube. Amazed by her performance in the song, the audiences are really looking forward to see her on the screen. Supported by a government grant, the film ‘Gohin Baluchor’ stars Raisul Islam Asad, Suborna Mostafa, Afroza Banu, Fazlur Rahman Babu, Shahadat Hossain, Bannya Mirza, Runa Khan and many others in different characters.