Orin’s second movie in Kolkata


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Orin is the heroine of Bangladesh. She is acting again in Kolkata. Mahua Chakravarty the director of hit movie ‘Glamour’ is making ‘Amar Voy’ here is the story of the story of four daughters. Orin is acting in one of these four daughters. Kolkata-based actress Rituparna Sengupta plays an important role in the film


There are also Monali De, Debashish, Santilal and Moushumi. Arin took part in the shooting of the film in Kolkata on 4th of this month. Arin said, Mohuya Chakravarty earlier in the film ‘Glamour’ starring Ruhie from Bangladesh. The film is quite well acclaimed. Now I’m working in the same producer’s picture. It feels great. This is my second movie in Kolkata. But the story of this picture is different.



Orin said about the movie ‘Amar Voy’, there has been a lot of work before fear or Phobia. The facts of this film are fictional. And why people suffer in Phobia, what is its source and what is its end is the story of the picture.


The character of Rituparna Sengupta is strange. And all the characters in the film are representing with no fear. But Arin is not ready to say anything about her own character. Her commentary, if the character is told, then the interest will go away. The viewer will be in suspense until the last scene of the film. Fear has been shown in this film differently. Viewers will see me as a modern girl in this film.