Rebel Wilson claims of sexual harassment


Entertainment Desk

The actress and comedian Rebel Wilson has taken to Twitter to reveal her own story of alleged sexual harassment in the film industry, amid a scandal that has spread throughout Hollywood. Wilson describes an alleged incident with an unnamed male “star” who asked her to perform a sex act on him while “his male ‘friends’ tried to film the incident on their iPhones and laughed”. “I repeatedly said no and eventually got out of the room,” she writes. In another “hotel room encounter”, she says she feared a director would have harassed her if his wife had not called at the time. To hear how prevalent sexual harassment and assault is, is just so saddening, she added. I know my stories aren’t as horrific as other women and men have described – but if you’ve ever experienced anything like this I feel for you and can relate on some level. The claims are the latest in an avalanche of sexual harassment and assault allegations that have buried America’s entertainment industry in scandal since several women came forward with claims against former movie producer Harvey Weinstein. Since the allegations against Mr Weinstein, more than 60 women have come forward with claims that he had used his position of power to sexually assault or harass them. Criminal investigations have been launched since in New York City and London, where some of the incidents have been reported.