Rihanna Fires Back At Fan Claiming


Entertainment Desk

One of the many, many things we love about Rihanna, 29, is that she doesn’t hesitate to fight back when the critics start talking! And, because she’s RiRi, her responses are always hilarious and amazing! Now, the singer is squaring off against a fan who decided to mouth off about the images she posted promoting her line of lipstick shades! “You look high as sh*t,” the fan wrote on an image of her showing off a dark, bold red shade with a sleepy, eyes-half-open expression, via BuzzFeed. That’s when she decided to write back! “Or pms’d” she responded to the nasty heckler. Here’s why this is wonderful: the lipstick she’s showcasing is called “Mattemoiselle shade PMS.” So she’s basically saying what some might interpret as her stoned expression might just be how RiRi looks when she’s facing her time of the month! Or both! Love it! Head here for loads more images of Rihanna! If you’re in need of a last-minute gift this Christmas season (or something to liven up your New Year’s Eve look), RiRi’s Fenty Beauty line might be just what you’re looking for! From primers to foundations to glosses, everyone’s favorite pop star has you covered! And getting back to her new lipstick shades — she’s packing some very adventurous looks! There’s a fiery red shade called “Freckle Fiesta” and a green look we’re loving called “Midnight Wasabi”! Just the thing to add some kick to your style!