Rubel is a name of Inspiration!


Rubel (Shah Md Rezaul Alam) was born 30th April in 1984. He grew up and His childhood memories in Faridpur, Bangladesh.

When he started to learn Music (Guitar), His father was not much supportive at all. But his mother was so much supportive and helpful for his music carrier and also in every sector for his life. When Rubel life was not much in discipline and people liked to call him as a Bad guy, his mother only used to say my son will be doing great one day. Truly, today where he is!

He just graduated on Music Production and Audio Engineering from Orita Sinclair, Singapore. He is only a student who awarded for the Most Outstanding Final Year Project and certified with merits by Orita Sinclair. He also a Marine Engineer. I would say, this is really proud for Bangladesh.
However, in 2003 when he was recording his first mixed album, he was insulted by a studio owner since then committed himself to learn about it and produced the music himself.
As we know, in 2015 he become talk of the town for his solo Album “Jatra Ochinpur”. He worked with Legendary singer/composer Bappa Mazumder and many more in Bangladesh music industry.
Presently He is living in Singapore and working professionally as a Safety Officer (RSO) in Keppel Shipyard, Singapore. His dreamt to come back to Bangladesh and take Music as profession.