‘Sopno Venge Churmar’ in this Baishakh


Culture Desk

The musical film of ‘Sopno Venge Churmar’ is released.   Singer Reshmi Mirza a music artist of Power Voice. It is the second modern song of the Reshmi Mirza, known as the folk artist of folk songs. The film was officially released on the Thirty 3 restaurant of the capital Bailey Road on Tuesday. This musical film is released on Time TV’s official YouTube channel. The song is written by Zafar Jahdir and tune by Mir Masum . Zahara Mitu of the first runner up actress Miss World Bangladesh worked as a model in this music. Reshmi said, ‘Even though I do folk song but, there is a different tension in modern songs. Just after listening to the song I like it decited to work on it. The experience of singing is also excellent. I gave a full voice within a couple of hours. In all, a good work has been done. She regularly plays at the stage from the beginning of her career. Her first music video was ‘Ninduk’. The album titled “Mati” comes to market in 2015. In the time of working ‘ Reshmi and matii’ album she established a band. Besides working solo, she also works regularly with the band. Reshmi said, from now on will be concentrating on single songs. In addition to creating yourself, others will also give a voice to others, so that the audience can spread further. Young music artist Rashmi Mirza, who took place in the top 10 of the main competition of Power Voices 2014, through her musical talent and harmonious voice, the audience has already made a very good presence in the audience. Recently she is spending her time with the stage show.