Spotted deer found in human habitat in Sundarban

Spotted deer found in human habitat in Sundarbans

Tribunal DESK: A chitral (spotted) deer was found in front of a house at Ramnagar village of Dashghar area in Dakop upazila near the Sundarban on Sunday morning.

A member of the Sundarban Community Patrol Group (CPG), Zahidul Islam Gazi, said: “The deer jumped into a pond by being scared by the presence of people. But it was later rescued by the locals.”

When informed, Abu, Kailashganj police outpost in-Charge, came to the spot, and released the deer inside the Sundarban around 1pm.

However, yet another deer was found near a house on the same day. The second deer was similarly set free with the help of forest officials and locals.

According to Abu, the two deer might have entered the village after losing their way in the night fog. Meanwhile, locals believe the deer might have entered the village in search of food.

A local said this was the first time any deer had entered inside their village. Previously in 2003, a tiger swam across the river to the village, and injured four goats before being beaten to death by locals.

Earlier in May 4, 2017, a spotted deer was rescued from Charitabuniya village in Swarankhola upazila near the Sundarban. It was later released into the forest after being rescued from a local’s house.