‘The DU VC has no right to remain at his post’

‘The DU VC has no right to remain at his post’

TRIBUNAL DESK: Teachers, politicians and former student leaders on Friday said Dhaka University (DU) Vice Chancellor Prof Md Akhtaruzzaman has lost the right to remain at his post, as he refused to listen to students and instead obstructed them by locking up the gates in the name of security.

They also said the incumbent university authorities are an administration that “fabricates unlimitedly,” as they are trying to tag protesters as outsiders.

The comments were made at a solidarity rally arranged by the Progressive Students’ Alliance, a platform of leftist student organizations, at the base of Raju Sculpture in the afternoon on Friday. The rally was organized to demand the punishment of Chhatra League men who attacked protesters on Tuesday.

Communist Party of Bangladesh (CPB) President Mujahidul Islam Selim, Bangladesh Somajtrantik Dal (BSD) General Secretary Khalikuzzaman, Gonosonghoti Andolon Coordinator Zunaid Saki, Jahangirnagor University Prof Anu Muhammad, Educationist AN Rasheda, and DU Professors Gitiara Nasreen and Tanjim Uddin Khan were among those who addressed the rally, with alliance Coordinator Imran Habib Rumon in chair.
In his speech, Mujahidul Islam Selim said: “ The university authorities used Chhatra League men like Ayub Khan and Monem Khan, who used NSF forces during the Pakistan period, so the present situation of the university is not only concerning, but also angers”.

“A university VC has a duty to listen to students and solve their problems, as he was appointed for the students. When the VC does the opposite, such as by refusing to listen to students and instead sitting behind locked gates in the name of security, then he has lost the right to stay as VC,” he added

Anu Mohammad said: “University teachers are working as bureaucratic, party cadres rather than as teachers. If they performed their duties as teachers, then such incidents would not occur at the university.”

“To overcome the present situation, students must raise voice against all kinds of irregularities and injustice,” he added.

AN Rasheda said: “The former and present VC have no power. They always follow the prime minister’s directions. The premier is a good ruler but not a good educationist, as she directed to affiliate seven colleges with DU without consideration.”

Denouncing DU Proctor Golam Rabbani, teacher Tanjim Uddin Khan said: “Proctor Golam Rabbani does not have the qualities to be a teacher nor a proctor, so he needs to be expelled first.”

Regarding “outsiders,” Gonosonghoti Andolon Coordinator Zunaid Saki said: “There were no outsiders among the protesters, as all of the people in the country have the right to raise their voice about universities are run.”