Toma Mirza’s ‘Cholo Palai’ releasing December 8


Culture Desk

National Film Award winning actress Toma Mirza is ready to present the viewers with her new film ‘Cholo Palai’. The film will be released on coming December 8, which has been directed by Debashish Biswas, son of legendary filmmaker Dilip Biswas. DhakaLive has news that Toma Mirza is participating in different types of campaigns to promote her new film with director Debashish right this moment. Toma has played as Sonia, one of the three main characters, in the film. Requesting the viewers to watch ‘Cholo Palai’ at cinema halls, Toma Mirza said about acting in the film, “I think ‘Cholo Palai’ would be one of the best films directed by Debashish Biswas. We all have worked together very sincerely, and I believe the viewers will enjoy the film. I am intensely optimistic about the film.” “My last film ‘Game Returns’ earned admiration from the viewers, and I hope ‘Cholo Palai’ will also win the hearts of the viewers in the same way”, the actress added. On the other hand, Toma Mirza is currently working in two more new films. The films are Alam Ashraf’s ‘Ke’ and MK Jamal’s ‘Edikson’. The shooting of both films is underway. Alongside her National Film Award winning film ‘Nodijon’, Toma Mirza-starrer notable films are Shahadat Hossain’s Tomar Kachhe Rwini’, Sohanur Rahman Sohan’s ‘Ek Mon Ek Pran’, Kazi Hayat’s ‘Eve Teasing’, Ananta Hira’s ‘O Amar Desher Mati’, Maria Tushar’s ‘Graas’ and Royal Khan’s ‘Game Returns’.