We still behind from international standard though govt. formed super structure for tourism

James Babu Hazra managing director of Pebble Stone Sea Resort (PVT) LTD

Bangladesh is far behind in tourism sector than the other countries. We don’t need to compare with Europe or U.S.A. If we look to our neighbor countries like Thailand, Malaysia and India got the difference. The main region is business people are not tourism friendly who are investing in this sector said James Babu Hazra managing director of Pebble Stone Sea Resort (PVT) LTD and GB member of FBCCI.
He also said that, our tourism spots are not well decorated as well. Other countries builds hotel, resort, market, casino surround the spot and heritage sides. In Bangladesh we cannot provide all the things together that tourist need. Appearance of foreign tourist is very little in our country because we cannot provide that kind of facilities that a foreign tourist need. Our local tourist like to tour once or two times in a year. So we are not getting tourist in every month.
However, we are not much experience in this sector to maintain international standard. If we want to make quality level spot I think we should give some spot lease to foreign countries. If they work in our countries and with us we can learn from them.
Bangladesh government has super structure for tourism sector. We all are appreciated that our government working a lot to improve this sector and already many developed has done. But we are still insecure to get foreign tourist. So it’s the time to take proper step not only our government but also business person who wants to invest in tourism sector.

Only the closeness to the vast beauty of nature will help you walk in the new way of life. The Cox’s Bazar district of Bangladesh is completely packed with the natural beauty. In Ukhia Upazilla of Cox’s Bazar district ‘ Inani Sea Beach ‘ is located. It is about 25 km south of Cox’s Bazar. A road, ‘Marine Drive’, runs in between the sea shore and hills, will lead you there. Such a road is very rare in the world, because the hills with well- spring stand on the one side and on the other lays the ocean. What a marvelous sight! The ‘Koral Stone’ bounded ‘Inani Sea Beach’ sometimes called ‘Rocky Beach’ is even spectacular. The blue water of the sea, lines of stones make the sight attractive to the tourists. The stone once dip into Water and again float out automatically. The Water stored in between stones accommodates small sea-fish, crabs, snail, and many more. These will keep the tourists busy for all day long he added.

Urging the high tide sea bathing at ‘Inani Beach’ is risk free, because it is very wide, calm and quiet and surrounded by ‘Koral Stones’. During bathing if anyone stands on a stone, it will resemble that s/he is standing in the midst of sea.At dawn the host of red crabs comes out of their holes to bid bye the setting down sun. At this moment the color of setting sun and of beach mingles altogether. An immense lacking of a Standard Tourist Resort prevailed in such a beach compact with natural beauty. To make you enjoy such natural beauty at this beach, we built a commercially run tourist resort taking into consideration your need, taste and demand. All our efforts will be meaningful if our newly built “Pebble-Stone Sea Resort (Pvt.) Ltd.” can satisfy you.