Imtu Ratish at the state invitation to Nepal

Culture Desk :

Bangladesh’s model, actor and presenter Imtu Ratish received state invitations in the Himalayan dominated country of Nepal. He went to the country on June 2. In addition to the 9-day stretch of the valley, the Himalayas, apart from various sights, Imtu Ratish has moved on. He returned home after 10 June. Nepal Tourism Ministry was under the overall supervision of ‘Himalaya and Travel Mart-2018’ and ‘East Tourism Mart-2018’. Imtu said that “I have visited Nepal several times. But I’m really proud of the state invitation. I went to Mountain View. On the special plane, I saw all the Himalayan pits at the very close, even with the pilot, the first experience of seeing the Himalayas in a cockpit. We went to the sub-Metropolitan city of Biratnagar in Nepal. It is only 150 kilometers away from the border of Bangladesh. We went up to 800 feet high.

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