Grand Tours and Travels, one of the pioneer tour operators in Bangladesh

  • Government should make policy on this sector.
  • Tourism sector is not improved because of publicity.
  • To Increase inbound tourism we need the development of accommodation, Transportation, communication.

Joirea Rimu

Tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in Bangladesh. It entails activities and services associated with transportation, accommodation, food, shopping, entertainment and hospitality services available for the travelers. Tourism is a major source of income generation and foreign exchange earnings in many countries. It creates ample job opportunities and plays a pivotal role in country branding. Bangladesh also a country with huge heritage sites like largest mangrove forest, Cox’s Bazaar, Saint Martin and many others are our individual traditions. On the other hand we have huge attractive tourist spot likely Paharpur, hill tracks, Kuakata sea beach, nijhum deep, Ratargul Swamp Forest, Bisanakandi, Ham Ham jhorna and many others.  But people do not know about those spot still.  Now government needs to explore these spots by publicity and needs to take proper monitoring on this sector,” said Ln. Faisal Karim Jony, CEO of Grand Tours and Travels.

He also said that Inbound and domestic tourism sector is still developing in Bangladesh. Domestic tourism has been increasing day by day. Peoples like to visit more nowadays. Cox’s bazaar is very rich by domestic people besides inbound tourist. If we see that from last 10 years to till now domestic tourism has increased much.

After Holy Artisan incident, inbound tourism has been decreased rapidly. Few numbers of foreign tourists come in our country. In Bangladesh if we see that tourism sector is not improved because of publicity. If we see BBC, CNN channels shows Africa and others small countries tourist spots. But Bangladesh has no attempt to promote tourist spots through international media. “To explore our tourism sector, we have to present local heritage sites and tourist spots those are not high lighting by publicity through social media and we should stop negative publicity of Bangladesh,” he added.

However we cannot reach at international standard. So to increase inbound tourism we need the development of accommodation, Transportation, communication services. These are the most important things will be played vital role to increase inbound tourism sector in Bangladesh.

“Huge numbers of tour operator are working in Bangladesh which is excess. As a result we face unfair competition in the market. Actual tour operators are facing lots of problems in the market. Government should make policy on this sector as soon as possible,” he said.

Grand Tours and travel establish in 2009. It is now one of the pioneer tour operators in Bangladesh. It is trying to do some unique. He said “We operate outbound and domestic tourism. We provide visa assistance, air ticketing, tour packaging, hotel reservation, transportation and others tours around the world. Besides we work good number of Omrah Haj Every year. We are 100% committed to serve our clients.”

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