Birishiri, Nafa-khum, Nijhum Dwip should be highlighted

Walid Zaman

“Tourism sector have bright future in Bangladesh. Tourism is one of the worlds’ fastest growing industries. It entails activities and services associated with transportation, accommodation, food, shopping, entertainment and hospitality services available for the travelers. Tourism is a major source of income generation and foreign exchange earnings in many countries. It creates ample job opportunities and plays a pivotal role in country branding. Bangladesh passes some good year in tourism business before Holy Artisan” said Syed Shafat Uddin Ahmed Tomal Managing Director Market n-Trance Ltd, Director TOAB (Tour Operators Association of Bangladesh), member of TGAB (Tourist Guide Association of Bangladesh), PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association) and only member from Bangladesh at WFTGA (World Federation Tourist Guide Association) Austria.

However, he said that a foreign tourist communicates with us before one year to confirm his tour and they plan to tour around 4 or 5 weeks. We booked hotel and transport after get the confirmation and we have to pay for this. If a tour cancels then it is a huge loss for us.

He also said that Bangladesh is not ready as a single country to the tourists. To provide international standard we have to fulfill all kind of facilities. All tour operator of the country bound for this. So my suggestion for all tourists always contract with them who are the member of association.  Our government works for the tourism industry but not sufficient. We are getting help from them that we attend many international fair. Here we get free stall but we have to carry hotel and others rent from our own pocket.

Besides we must need some facilities for tourist like TAX free transportation, Train service, tourist friendly wash room. There should be hygienic wash room in every petrol pump. It’s time to change the whole structure and work together. Bangladesh is a wonderful country and its time to explore the country.  We should be highlighted Birishiri, Nafa-khum,Nijhum Dwip and many beautiful places of the country.

Meanwhile, Market n-Trance Ltd started journey with inbound tourism. Now they are doing inbound, outbound and domestic. Besides they are specialized in Australia, Goa and Kashmir. They also involved with guide training and work for community based tourism.


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