Connecting dots the right way

Life Desk :

Be that one person, who shows up to an event not looking like everyone else, but rather the one whom everyone comes up to asking, “Where did you get that dress from?”/ “You look great”/ “Your outfit is so fresh and different from what we see now.”

Break away from the monotonous glitter, and all things that are trending right now. Like a delight of fresh air this summer, check out the one of a kind, never before seen, HUMAIRA KHAN’s “Connecting the dots” line, this Eid-ul-Fitr – perfect for a breezy you on what promises to be a balmy Eid morning this year.

The line embodies a selection of women’s wear that is fun, playful, fresh, youthful, but still modern with funky takes on crop tops, dresses, saris and kurtis.

Exclusively done on muslin with a primary focus on polka dotted prints, designer Humaira Khan creates modern pieces with an emphasis on cuts and styles that remain faithful to the natural fluidity of the fabric itself. The colour palette is primarily black and white with a splash of bright hues in the form of embroidered floral designs with a three-dimensional effect on them.

Many of her pieces have long trails, short fronts and long backs and also the addition of waist and side belts. The saris in this collection are designed on monotone fabrics, with the same kind of embroidered flowers and multi-coloured tassels added at the end of the anchal.

The entire collection runs on the “less is more” mantra. A primary black and white polka dotted print, that draws the eye to the cuts of the outfit, are not only complementing, but gives her line the much-needed panache with a hint of fun and flirty that is a result of Humaira Khan’s eye to the cloth’s natural movement.

Since the primary fabric for the line “Connecting the dots” used is muslin, it translates very well from attending family dinners, a casual catch-up with friends to the nightly formal event. Be the elegant and trendy deviant that inspires others to walk down the polka dot path, establishing your role as the new trendsetter of the year!

Have fun in one of Humaira Khan’s self-titled pieces, becoming the envy of every other girl’s eye this Eid. Set yourself apart and become the one that everyone keeps an eye out for at any upcoming events

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